Kenneth Green was born and raised in Los Angeles California, as a young child he served the church by closing each Sunday morning at True Grace Missionary Baptist Church with, " What I say to one, I say to all... Watch, Fight,  and Pray!"  Little did he know that this was just the beginning of the calling he had on his life. Kenneth Later became a member at Crenshaw Christian Center under the leadership of Apostle Fred Price, In 2008 he launched in Los Angeles the first 24/7 internet radio station, Keeping Covenant With God  KCWG 103.7 The Truth, which in 2011 was nominated for a Stellar Award.  

Daciena Antoinette Green, a dedicated Woman of God  was very much a part of From The Heart Church Ministry in Pomona California, The church was pastored by the late Joseph J. Owes her spiritual father, God then called both Kenneth and Daciena to their current church home, Cottonwood Church in Los Alamitos California, under the divine teaching of Pastor Bayless Conley,  Kenneth obtained his degree in Biblical Studies in 2012 with Daciena obtaining her Biblical degree in 2020, we both have dedicated our lives to serving God, and would like for you to join us at Power of Praise Network as we continue our Kingdom Building Mission. 

"We Trust God"

Our Assignment

the assignment God has given to us is one that we are truly grateful for, We  thank God he has chosen the two of us to create with him a Platform for Broadcasting  the living word of God to a dying world, We do TRUST GOD!  in all things and every situation, we're so grateful for this assignment  and  totally dedicated to living a Christ-like life."  and fulfilling His purpose for us on earth.

Kenneth and Daciena Green