Young Adults

Young Adults!

We love our young adult Power of Praise (PoP!) members... they have embraced the Micah 6:8 vision and have led the way in many justice and serving opportunities. This moment in life can be both amazing and hard, and our community of young adults have shown love for each other and for spreading the love of Jesus to our community and beyond.


        "The Golden Rules" 

                                 "Date for marriage"

If you’re dating because you want to find a life partner, dating specifically for marriage will save you both time and a whole lot of heartache. Keep in mind, too, that just because a Christian isn’t dating just for the chance to sleep around, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re dating for marriage.

They may just be dating to have some fun on the weekends. Don’t be shy about asking your date if they’re currently looking for “the one.” If they’re not and you are, you may want to stop seeing them and look for someone more marriage minded.

If you’re hoping to find a fulfilling, loving relationship with another devout Christian, have faith that there’s someone out there looking for someone like you, too. With a little determination and some trustworthy Christian relationship advice, you stand a pretty good chance of finding them.

               Higher Learning

Young Adults learning and understanding the Word of God is the starting point for change in the world we live, we encourage  group gatherings throughout the week that have been amazingly instrumental in creating a solid forum for discussions, great music, and lots of activities!


Power of Praise Network strives to create programming that speaks to our young adult viewers, we provide current information on the latest  movies, music, and documentaries, we also address subjects that promote a healthy lifestyle,  with information on great places to come together, hang out develop deep friendships, and encounter the Living God.